Church History


The Greater New Beginning Missionary Baptist Church came together as a mission at 10600 Broadway Avenue on February 6, 2000. Out of that mission we were organized as a church on May 21, 2000. It was unanimously decided and agreed upon that the denomination would be Missionary Baptist and that Rev James C. Ligon, Sr. would be the Founding Pastor .

The church was certified by the State of Ohio in the month of June in the year of our Lord 2000 to carry out our Lord’s Great Commission. Since that time the following auxiliaries have been formed: Trustee Board, Mother’s Board, Adult Choir, Youth Choir, Adult Usher Board, Youth Usher Board, and the Building Fund Committee.

With much jubilation, we had a fellowship dinner the first Sunday of March 2000, which blossomed to every third Sunday of each month.

 In July, 2003, the church moved to Westwood Elementary School at 19000 Garden Boulevard in Warrensville where services were held for three years.

On January 29, 2006, the Pastor gave his blessings along with the blessings of the Congregation over the adult choir’s first robes that were made by our own member, Sis. Sharon El-Amin.

In October 2006, the church moved services to Adlai Stevenson Elementary School, 3938 Joann Drive in Cleveland where services were held for four years.

And then! All Praises to God. With a blessing from the Father through His Son Jesus Christ, on the 31st day of January, 2010, we moved into our very own Church Home located at 3585 Kimmel Road, Cleveland, Ohio 44105, where God continues to bless us. Giving all Thanks and Praise to Christ Jesus for His increase in membership and for the response from the youth in the community.

We also thank Christ Jesus for the youth members of our church, for their focus on Christ as well as their obedience and scholastic achievements.

 In July 2011, we organized our first Vacation Bible School, which was, thanks to Christ Jesus, very successful. With a total of 89 in attendance for the week. It was followed by our annual church picnic.

In March 2012, in keeping up with the times, we embraced technology, and created a church website (

In September of 2012 we had our first Men & Women's Day service at the the church. We had a joyous time in the Lord. All glory and honor to Jesus Christ.

Sadly since the church was organized we have lost four members : Sis Annie Miner( June 2001), Sis Julia Smith(November 2006) , Sis Brenda  Elbee (September, 2009) Camron D Roberts( March 2012) and Sis Ruther Brownlee(2017). They were loved and are dearly missed.

God has Truly Blessed Us.  We give Him ALL The Praise, The Honor and The Glory for all the Great Things He has done and will continue to do because of our continued obedience to Him.



To Know Christ

And Make

Him Known